Bahamas Underwater Plane Wreck

From the history of this memorable exclusion stop to the beautiful sea life that have made home in and around it, the infamous wrecked plane, located just off the coast of Norman’s Cay, is the home to a wrecked WWII aircraft.

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Just off the coast of Norman’s Cay rests a sunken WWII plane which was repurposed for drug smuggling by Pablo Escobar in the 1970’s. It fell short of the dimly lit runway one night and came to rest in the clear, shallow waters just off shore where it is now an eerily beautiful home to many colorful sea life; jump on in & take a close look for yourself! This, coupled with the planes history itself and the story behind it, makes for an excellent snorkeling or diving spot in shallow, warm waters no deeper than ten feet from the surface.

*Disclaimer* Seascapes Bahamas reserves the right to make changes to the itinerary when deemed necessary for the safety of our passengers and crew. The daily itinerary will be determined with consideration of the weather and tides. Our ideal schedule will include stops at Staniel Cay or Compass Cay to visit the nurse sharks, Norman’s Cay to check out a sunken plane wreck, Big Major Cay to feed the Exuma pigs, and exploration of an ocean cave! (However, if the tide is too high, current too strong, or waves to rough, the cave may be omitted.) *In the event that it is not advisable to sail to The Exuma Cays due to adverse weather conditions, we will offer an alternative course option closer to Nassau if at all possible.